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Alwan Créations

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  • Since 2021
At the origin of ALWAN, there was a trip ...

A young couple, she Italian and he Franco-Tunisian, were planning to start a nice family.

During a long stay in Tunisia, we discovered the Tunisian rattan craftsmanship and fell in love. The creations corresponded to the imagination we had developed for our baby's room. The artisanal and manual production followed an ethic of life that we were committed to following more.

And from this trip… a desire to share was born, a desire to create a room with you with healthy, aesthetic, harmonious and responsible materials.

Rattan is the cornerstone of our project. We wanted it raw, untreated because its natural beauty is radiant.

Our production is responsible, we work hand in hand with our craftsmen to offer you the best at the right price.

Thus, from the shores of the Mediterranean was born ALWAN a universe of artisanal creations for toddlers, a universe that we wanted to color because ALWAN means colors in Arabic ...
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