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  • Since 2019
Refined and poetic, Apollonia jewelry was designed to adorn a woman who is both dreamy and sensitive, but also full of character and projects.

Apollonia is the feminine of Apollo, a Greek deity embodying the Arts, Poetry, Beauty and Light, the brand's main sources of inspiration.

Gilded with fine 24 carat gold, strong pieces or finer creations to wear alone or in accumulation, Apollonia jewelry is all extremely light to accompany each without constraints in everyday life, as for special occasions.

Apollonia jewelry is available in several collections:

· The floral collection, inspired by the plant world;

· The hammered collection, highlighting the work of the raw metal;

· The Athenaeum collection, referring to ancient Greece;

· The dreamy collection, playing with the subtle and unique colors of rock crystals and fine stones such as moonstone, quartz or chalcedony;

· The wedding collection revisiting the freshwater pearl;

The porcelain collection with aerial and poetic shapes, also available in hair accessories

After working for several years in the field of modern and contemporary art, surrounded by works of art and artists, Stéphanie felt the need to move into creation. Each of the metal pieces is gilded with fine 24 carat gold in workshops in the heart of Paris. She models, enamels, cooks and assembles all her porcelain pieces in her Nantes workshop

The Apollonia brand is inhabited by poetry. The designer draws her inspiration from nature, her travels, especially Japan, and during her long walks in the streets, concept stores and museums. Full of ideas, and in search of balance and beauty in each of her creations, Stéphanie has many projects underway, especially with upcoming collections in porcelain, mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones. can not put the text: it is available under the following link:
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