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Blattkette "Efeuliebe"
Avani handcrafted leathergoods

Leaf Necklace "Ivy Love"

A dream of ivy. Three leaves combined on a chain, lovingly made by hand. The ivy chain, decorated with beautiful wooden beads on a tear-resistant leather chain, is a very special eye-catcher and each piece is unique, just like the wearer. This chain is a wonderful companion for every nature lover! The steel accessories can be ordered in gold and silver colors. The leaves are painted with acrylic paint and previously punched and wet formed. Each leaf is patterned from a real one and then painted from my imagination. None is like the other and the best thing is: The leaves never wither and so the joy of looking at them lasts forever! Of course, every product is always treated with the best possible finish at the end of production, in order to be suitable for the respective application, water-repellent and weather-resistant. Note: Please do not wear the jewelry in the shower or while swimming.

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