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Ultimate Black Friday Bundle
Baby Foot UK

Ultimate Black Friday Bundle

The Black Friday Deal we’ve all been waiting for. Our ULTIMATE Beauty Bundle is here &amp; is jam-packed with our all-time Top Selling Products, from the Award Winning <strong><u>Xen-Tan Dark Lotion</u></strong>, to <strong><u>Tonik’s</u></strong> Number One Selling <strong><u>Apple Cider Vinegar</u></strong>, <strong><u>Full Brow’s Brow Fibre</u> </strong>&amp; the product that you couldn’t get for love nor money as it SOLD OUT everywhere –        <strong><u>BABYFOOT’s </u></strong> <strong><u>Exfoliating Foot Peel</u>.</strong>   With 15 Full-sized Beauty Heroes, treat yourself or simply bag <strong>£313.85</strong> worth of Luxe Beauty for half of the price - <strong>£156.93</strong> – Christmas shopping list sorted <span class="emoji">&#x2714;&#xfe0f;</span> Please see list below for everything included – 1 X TONIK ACV £32 1 x BABYFOOT EXFOLIATION PEEL £14.99 1 x DERMASURI BODY MITT £12.99 1 X DERMASURI BACK MITT £15.99 1 X ALL CAP ( ANY COLOUR) £34.99 1 X XEN-TAN DARK LOTION £28.99 1 X XEN-TAN MITT £4.95 1 X XEN-TAN FLAWLESS LOGIC £22.99 1 X XEN-TAN FRESH SCRUB £17.99 1 X XEN-TAN MOROCCAN TAN ULTRA £49.99 1 x FULL BROW FIBRE DARK £14 1 x FULL BROW WAX £11 1 x FULL BROW BRUSH £13 1 x AMAZING COSMETICS CONCEALER 6ml - MED BEIGE £20.99 1 x AC PERFECTION STICK MEDIUM £18.99 &nbsp; *Please note All Caps Shower Cap will either be, Neon Pink, Aqua Blue, Black or Purple, dependent on stock.

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