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  • Since 1946
"Everything else wasn't good enough for us."
Almost 20 years ago, this sentence was both the starting point and the motivation for founding Becks cocoa™. The best things happen when discerning people create something for themselves and are passionate about their work. This is how individual and sometimes extravagant cocoa specialties were created, which give an idea of the passion of their inventor with every sip and every bite.

For us, cocoa is an absolutely original and honest term that radiates warmth and security. That's why the "Cocoa" is also an integral part of the brand name. With cocoa we combine the whole – the plant, the fruit and the seeds. Everything together is the basis for Becks cocoa™. Despite all the enthusiasm for new flavor mixtures: It is undisputed that cocoa plays the main role in every sachet and every can.

We use the spice combinations in Becks cocoa™ cocoas with restraint, just in such a way that the individual character of a cocoa mixture is underlined, but not covered. Because: the most important thing about cocoa is the cocoa itself! Pure enjoyment - cocoa simply makes you happy!
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