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Bienenwachtuch XXL beeGoodies

Bienenwachtuch XXL beeGoodies

The beeswax cloth in size XXL is particularly suitable for wrapping herbs or for covering large salad bowls or wrapping bread. The colorful beeswax wraps from beeGoodies are used like cling film - to cover food over bowls with the warmth of your hand. The zigzag edge prevents fraying. After use, simply clean under lukewarm water (not too hot!) with a little washing-up liquid, let it dry and store it until you use it again. Our patterns are lovingly put together by us and can vary, or always come in a colorful mix. beeGoodies packaging unit: 1 cloth per pack/10 pcs. per PU Size: approx. 35 x 35 cm Packaging also available in English

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