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Billi London

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  • Since 2020
  • Distribution La Maison Perchee, The Slowist, Know the Origin, (Lone Design Club
Instagram billi_ldn
Billi London is the world’s first brand to create revolutionary biodegradable tights, decomposing in less than five years in landfill versus traditional tights requiring 40 to 100 years to decompose.

Thanks to the premium yarns and 3D knitted technology, your tights will be able to stretch in every way with a 360-degree flexibility. It means that they can now adapt and adjust to every shape and size, whilst also recovering after wears. So no more rolling, twisting and pinching. You will be wearing the most comfortable and durable tights that feel like a caresse for your legs.

By wearing Billi London’s tights, you contribute to reducing the time that a pair of tights pollute the environment in landfill by more than 80%.
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