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  • Location Berlin, Germany
  • Since 2011
  • Distribution Avocado Store, Greenpicks, own online shop
bingabonga® is a Berlin fashion label that focuses on basics for children and adults and diversifies an assortment of basic cuts with a wide variety of colors and patterns. The focus is clearly on sustainability and a resource-saving approach to our environment. Slow fashion is a keyword that we can learn a lot from. Our pieces are of high quality and therefore durable, can be easily combined in their clarity and have a timeless design. Our team produces to order in our own workshop in Berlin. In this way we avoid overproduction and unnecessary storage costs and, if necessary, can respond to customer requests. We purchase our fabrics from local wholesalers who guarantee European production in organic quality. In this way we can focus on quality and fair working conditions, keep transport routes short and conserve resources.
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