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Blinkenberg CPH

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  • Since 2020
Blinkenberg CPH is a new design company founded on old craftmaship traditions. The family has for four generations produced own design and as well as furnitures designed by Nanna Ditzel, Hans J. Wegner and Kristian Vedel among others. The production ended when his grandfather and the grandfathers sister closed and sold the facilities i the early sixties.
With Blinkenberg CPH, the great-grandson Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen has resumed the family tradition. Nikolaj is highly inspired by functionalism and as such the epitome “Danish Design”. His first design was the award-winning Blinkenbike, which is a build-a-bike designed for toddlers. Later came the furniture, starting out with the sculptural chaise lounge VIP WATERFALL which is a design studio based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man.
The primary product range is the "Letters from Blinkenberg CPH" based on the X-Chair.
Another of the company's design lines is the sculptural Placid Wave Coffee table with home décor such as the Lightwave candlestick is made of the surplus metal from the leg-production.
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