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  • Since 2015
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Boombags are nice minimalists and environmentalists. FSC kraft paper based, yet very, very strong. They actually like water, still keeping their strength. Boombags like shopping with you, carrying your stuff or your groceries. Even through the rain, they don't mind. Or accompany you on your weekend trip, especially the one with the zipper. But they like staying in as well, decorating your table, storing your firewood or keeping and carrying your laundry. They can also be washed with the laundry, if needed. They'll survive! Boombags look better with age, giving them a leathery look and feel. And fairly nicely priced, they think. We can't argue with that.... P.S.: Boombags are keen on demonstrating their strength to potential users. So convince your customers even more by having them lift some heavy stuff in a Boombag, suprising them. They'll like it!
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