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Bouga CacaO

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  • Location Ariège, France
  • Since 2006
  • Distribution Biocoop
Instagram ankorstore_fr
Bouga CacaO is an organic and fair trade artisanal chocolate factory. We offer here our chocolate bars, tasting boxes and beans and cocoa butter.
What is important in our approach are the commercial relations with our suppliers and our partners in Ecuador. People who grow cocoa often lead precarious lives. But they are the basis of the quality of our chocolate. We work directly with our producers, avoiding intermediaries, so we can certify that the remuneration for the cocoa is justly paid to them.
Through this approach, we support sustainable development in Ecuador, the transformation of the beans being done on site, most of the added value thus generated allows the creation of qualified jobs in the country.
Our chocolates resulting from this approach contain only cocoa and "rapadura" (unrefined and whole cane sugar),
without adding lecithin and other fats, not even cocoa butter.
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