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Brasserie Mira

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  • Location Gironde, France
  • Since 2016
Mira is a brewery that makes its own beers and sodas on site from 22,500-year-old spring water.
What makes Mira special is the quality of its spring water almost as ancient as the two-headed chimera! Because it is - barely - 22,500 years ago that this water infiltrated through the soils of the Arcachon basin to form an underground aquifer. Today and thanks to the unfailing ingenuity of our brewers-maltsters, this water is used in a miraculous way to brew our Mira!
You will discover here our universe (fascinating, at least), our ideas (brilliant, must we prove it) and our projects (innumerable, of course). Then, you will look at our beers to dive closer to the very essence of Mira: a natural beer with spring water, a natural decoction of the atmosphere of the country and the imagination of its creators.
Good tasting ... and Mira bien qui Mira last!
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