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Breaks Gin

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  • Location Karlsruhe, Deutschland
  • Since 2015
Two craftsmen with 100 percent enthusiasm
Blazing passion. Gin is not just gin, and gin is not just in. We burn from years of passion and only use fresh herbs, fruits and spices of the best natural quality; many of them from the region.
Multi-faceted diversity. Gin takes time, patience and experience. Many steps, many individual ingredients - this makes gin production an elaborate craft and breaks gin in all its variants a multi-layered, unique product. Aromatic break. Take your break. Our name says it all because we think gin’o’clock is not just a saying, it’s time to say yes. Take a break for a few moments. With a glass of good gin. To just let the day be day. And because the label "Breaks", once called "Breaks Records", has been with us for a long time. However, Harald Reinholz's former record store is not yet the beginning. It was even further back when Harry was still small and his grandfather was an enthusiastic schnapps distiller. The later founder of Breaks liked to look over his shoulder, "I think my fascination with burning came into being even then," he says, and in 2014 he finally put the long-term idea of creating his own gin into practice with the first attempts at recipe and burning , In 2015 the first bottle of Breaks Gin was corked - a decade of passion flowed into this bottle, and it flowed into everyone who followed. Just as grandfather Ferdinand Wiesenmayer bore nature in its name, the natural aroma has always been in Breaks Gin from Baden. Today, the gin is still made by hand and two artisans in Gablonzer Strasse in Karlsruhe. Production, marketing, sales - all in a family business, with unbroken fascination and dedication to every detail.
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