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  • Location Paris, FRANCE
  • Since 2017
  • Distribution La gamme proposée est disponible en exclusivité en épiceries fines ou magasins bio indépendant , et notamment : La Grande Epicerie, Galeries Lafayette, Causses, Foodchéri....
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The first real broths, L-I-Q-U-I-D-E-S, in bottle, Organic and 100% Natural, to drink or cook.
These are not juices or soups, but broths!
We cook them in France, next to Avignon, with good organic products, WITHOUT additive, WITHOUT preservative, NOR flavor added.
In each of our bottles: 1h30 of cooking for a real broth, just like at home, with the touch of a great chef!
Discover our broths to drink or cook very hot for comfort and our slightly sweet recipes to drink very fresh, to quench your thirst!
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