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  • Since 2014
Handmade & Differece are two words that describe my Creations. I am not a woman who knows about Trade. My work is to create new fashion ideas I always want to be different and I want the same for my creations as well.

For my Jewelry & Accessories I use Solid SIlver, Stainless Steel or Simple Metals. Each listing has detailed description with all the included materials & dimensions. My Plexiglass Earrings are lightweight & the clip on parts are hypoallergenic. My Leather Bags & Sandals are made from Full Grain Leather & My Belts from Real Genuine Leather.

And this is my Story.. I was born in Athens, Greece, and Ι made my first steps in my father's village in ''Saint George of Ices'' in Corfu. My father's home is located at the edge of the village at the bottom of the mountain where you can see the best sunset in Corfu and the Ionian sea seems an amazing paradise. The Balcony of that home, was the place where I first created bracelets for me and my friends as a child and the place where I still spend a lot of hours to create my new collections every season.

From 2013 my dream came true. I became a professional Fashion Designer and every day from that moment is unique and makes me feel creative and inspired. My lab is in Athens, Greece and an amazing photo with the view of my father's balcony in Corfu, is always on the wall to urge me to be more creative and unique. Thank you for wanted to know more about me.

Best Regards from Athens
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