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Claret Cosmetics

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  • Location France
  • Since 2018
  • Distribution Dreamact, Mes Cosmétiques Français, Vegan Place
Claret Cosmetics is a French brand created in 2018. Former assistant antenna of a well-being chain and great lover of animals, I wanted to reorient myself in natural and vegan cosmetics in order to participate in changing the habits of the French in a way significant.

From this desire, Claret Cosmetics was born, an ethical brand respectful of Man, the environment and animals.

The brand offers products made in France, in order to promote French know-how, and rechargeable, for some, in order to reduce waste and buy back at a lower cost. Claret Cosmetics products are meticulously formulated using ingredients that respect the brand's values, namely: natural, organic and vegan.
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