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A learning game is the best thing there is

The idea for Clicko was born when the founder, Hanna Malmström, was on parental leave with her two children Viktor and Emma. Viktor was just over 2 years old and loved, just like most children at that age, to build and explore letters. During the same period, the family renovated at home and there were rulers everywhere that were used to build letters with.

However, rulers are not made to fit children's hands, which made them break easily when the son tried. The desire to build in combination with grief when it did not work was the starting shot for the magnetic wooden parts that are the core of Clicko today.

By turning, twisting and joining together the magnetic wooden parts that Hanna developed, the son was able to build letters and feel proud, even though he was too small to handle a pencil. This playful learning now runs like a common thread through all our products.

It should be fun to play, and learn!
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