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Conservas Chabuca

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  • Since 2016
We want to share with you the illusion with which in January 2013 and in order to recover the family and artisan tradition we began to make the Cantabrian Anchovies in salted M. A. REVILLA®.

Our Cantabrian anchovies belong to the Engraulis Encrasicolus species, caught in the fishing grounds of the Cantabrian Sea during the spring coastal season.

They are the tastiest and most sought after on the market.

After being caught, cleaned and matured in salting (between 10 and 15 months), they are handcrafted with the highest quality raw materials in our factory in Santoña (Cantabria).

Our brand M. A. REVILLA® has a commitment to Don Miguel Ángel Revilla (President of Cantabria) to comply with the following conditions.

By enjoying our anchovies you are contributing to a good cause.
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