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Body – Tropical
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Body - Tropical

Characteristics And so that it really feels like a second skin, the stretchy organic cotton jersey fabric was chosen for these lively bodysuits. The wide elastic bands on the neck, sleeves and legs allow for a lot of flexibility and are guaranteed not to cut in. In addition, a button at the neckline ensures that the body can easily be pulled over the head. organic farming Natural, fair and ecological - these are the advantages of organic cotton. And because we only provide the best quality for children's delicate skin, this is and will always be our first and only choice for the production of the garments. This material, which is produced particularly gently and without any chemical additives, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, can be converted into fabrics using various weaving techniques. Organic cotton is carefully picked by hand. Only the ripe cotton is harvested. Subsequent further processing in the factories is subject to energy-saving and environmentally friendly mechanisms. Our production also takes place in India at a GOTS-certified factory. Fair and socially responsible Since the creation of Curiuos Stories, the main feature has been placed on fair and socially responsible production. In particular, the working conditions under which the Curious Stories garments are manufactured. We only work with partners who can guarantee the following criteria: adequate pay for employees, safe and hygienic working conditions, Production without the use of harmful substances regular medical treatment/examination of employees no Child labor Furthermore, all of our materials, fabrics, printing ink, as well as the manufacturing factory are certified. Curious Stories is also planning to get certified soon. We remain true to these values in all of our decisions regarding Curious Stories. Choosing a GOTS-certified manufacturing factory is our contribution to supporting fair production in the textile world worldwide. We feel responsible for helping to ensure that responsible production and good working conditions become a matter of course in the market. care instructions To ensure that you can enjoy your Curious Stories item of clothing for a long time, we recommend that you take care of this product as follows: Turn inside out before washing Wash with like colors Do not use bleach (also no white detergent) It is best to use a mild detergent Wash at 30 degrees Little skidding Do not tumble dry - it is better to reshape after washing and dry flat If necessary, iron at low temperature Because this product is made from organic cotton and has not been chemically treated, it may shrink up to 5% after the first wash. size When ordering, please note that the development of children is always individual and that the age and size information is only an aid - these are only guidelines for easier orientation 🙂

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