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Du Monde A La Provence

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When you live in Provence, nature takes on special importance as it imposes it with its authenticity and grace. In addition, it is full of precious active ingredients, including thyme, lavender and even olive which, since the dawn of time, have been used in the service of hygiene, well-being and beauty.

DMP has, since its creation, aimed to preserve this precious know-how. But why should we confine ourselves to our only environment when the whole world is full of plants, traditions and virtuous processes? DMP's curiosity encouraged him to travel the world in search of these rare gestures, these coveted plants, to integrate and assimilate them in turn.

That’s why we are proud today to be true explorers of beauty. We actively participate in preserving the latter, by offering our customers handcrafted products, designed to meet all their cosmetic expectations.
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Du Monde A La Provence
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