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How nice that you want to know more about me.

Hi! I am Els, 53 years old and mother of a teenage daughter. As a child I was already busy creating beautiful things through drawings, coloring pages and crafts. It should therefore come as no surprise that I soon knew that I wanted a creative job in the future. Like interior architect for example. Although I quit this job due to circumstances, I have exercised it with great love for many years.

My passion for jewelry
My passion for jewelry started about twenty years ago. I remember the moment exactly. I had just bought a beautiful necklace of fine glass beads. Very beautiful, but unfortunately also pricey. When I came home with my purchase, I suddenly thought: “Actually, I can make that myself. And at a much nicer price!”.

For me that was the start of Els Jewels. Making that one necklace got me hooked for good. Every time I picked out those little, colorful pearls, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Intensely happy and with the feeling that I could never get enough of this!

Stop or continue?
Five years ago, when my husband passed away, a part of my passion for jewelry seemed to die because of the immense grief. Fortunately, one of my customers managed to convince me to continue. And how happy I am now! Thanks to her sweet, supportive words, my love for jewelry slowly but surely blossomed again. Making those fine, colorful jewelry brings me so much peace and is almost therapeutic.

Unique, personal jewelry
You will not find any band work at Els Jewels. Just like when I was an interior designer, I want to design something unique and personal for my clients every time. Something handmade in Belgium, of which there is only a limited edition or only 1 pair. Especially to give every outfit that little bit more. Or make every day just that little bit more memorable. To see the bright lights in the eyes of my clients every time. Because making you happy with an original piece of jewelry, that makes me intensely happy!

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