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Bedside Cradle Grey

Bedside Cradle Grey

With FROM Bed Side Cradle, your rest and your baby sleep very close. This crib is the perfect solution to prolong the bond between parents and baby during the night hours. It is designed so that the baby can sleep in it next to the parents' bed. That is why it has 5 height positions for its perfect adaptability. This system facilitates night breastfeeding, provides security and that favors the rest of the baby and that of the parents. Its clean and harmonious aesthetic adapts perfectly to the other elements of the bedroom. It is far from any conventional crib: most of the frame is covered with fabric, and the profile is made of steel. This product has a breathable and anti-tip mattress, a 100% waterproof and breathable mat, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover and a removable silicone wheel kit for easy and comfortable mobility. 5 height levels, silicone wheels, includes mosquito net

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