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  • Location Chabeuil, Drôme, France
  • Since 2009
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At Gaiia, all our soaps are Cold Saponified, THE manufacturing process to produce artisanally, without cooking, surgras soaps, full of glycerin and Certified BIO. We only use organic vegetable oils and butters, the cultivation of which has little impact on the environment. Our soaps are 5 to 8.5% surgras (gentle washing and hydrolipidic film), and have 8% natural glycerin (hydration).

At Gaiia, Craftsmanship rhymes with Excellence. Our obsession is the regularity & the quality of our soaps to increase our production without altering the artisanal quality.
At Gaiia we are Militants, actor of the return of Cold Saponification in France. We are campaigning for natural solid cosmetics, far from the great greenwashing of synthetic surfactants.
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