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Like almost everything in life, the birth of HEIMATCRUNCH began with a long journey. New Zealand 2009. I was sharing a flat with a 67-year-old successful photographer. Julia. Julia had her own colonies of bees in her garden and made a habit of eating nut and seed-infused 'porridge' for breakfast in the winter months and her homemade, oven-roasted granola in the summer months. Of course, their granola contained honey from their own bees...

HEIMATCRUNCH is a delicious crunchy muesli that is made with great attention to detail, passion and conviction. In any case HANDROASTED! Always a piece of home and definitely no frills!

It is a purely natural product and contains carefully selected, wholesome, organic ingredients, most of which come from Germany. In the oven it is made with high quality rapeseed oil and sugar beet syrup.
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