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I am Denim

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  • Location Hampshire, Uk
I Am Denim is an inspiring jeans brand. With fit, style and comfort at the heart of what we do our innovative designs will have you falling in love with denim time and time again. No questioning your size, shape or scars our jeans give you the confidence you deserve. No judgement. Just beautifully made jeans. About a year after her son was born, Sophie had to undergo major stomach surgery. It was in the weeks after recovery that she found something as simple as pulling on a pair of jeans an absolute struggle and an uncomfortable one. Searching for the right pair made her realise how much we all struggle to find a great pair of jeans that are comfortable, look good and are of a high quality. She wanted to create jeans that everyone could wear with total confidence and that is how I Am Denim was born! At I Am Denim we want to bring you that confidence with specially designed innovative jeans. Giving you the best in comfort we want you to love yourself as you are… No judgement. Just jeans.
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