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  • Since 2021
Instagram inanottini
“It was born in 2020 from the idea of two Milanese entrepreneurs and their wonderful life partners. Irreverent and witty, the Mirò design product line is and will be a real gem in the home and garden design market.
Established designers, interpret the desires and ideas that arise from the interaction between imagination, ruthlessness and love for design.
The difference is in the attention to detail. The painting performed by expert Italian craftsmen and professionals, the use of extremely high quality raw materials, care for the environment and a passion for beauty are confirming Mirò design as one of the most creative realities of 2020
The year hasn't been among the best, but it has given us sleepless nights and time to think. This is what made us smile despite the moment: our Nanottini"

Irreverent and nice figurine that will bring smile and luck to your homes and workplaces. Your Tino will take charge of all the negativity and with a superstitious gesture he will "send them to hell".

A garden gnome is a small statue used to decorate gardens.
Communiqué nr 1 of the "front for the liberation of garden gnomes":
from today we no longer belong to this selfish world of yours, where we have served you only as a superficial decoration”.
From today we become the official symbol of the winners.
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