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Saphira 1000 Beige

Saphira 1000 Beige

**Strikingly patterned short-pile rug in an elegant design** With this short-pile rug, you have the choice between different patterns and striking or subtle colors. The stylish washes of the merging patterns and color gradients give it its elegant vintage effect. With these models, there is the right addition to set accents for every home and piece of furniture. The carpet has a low weight and is particularly easy to care for, durable and lint-free thanks to its short pile. Its soft surface ensures a pleasant and homely feeling underfoot. Give your home an elegant and homely atmosphere. Elevate the low-pile rug by pairing it with solid wooden tables and chairs or subtle sofas and armchairs. Complete the look of your living space with similarly designed faded cushion covers and bedspreads, or vintage-style candle holders and lamps. Whether your guests or yourself, with a stylish overall picture thanks to this carpet, everyone will be happy to enter your living space. Anyone who wants to set striking and elegant accents in vintage style should not have to do without this rug. beige

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