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  • Location Bordeaux, France
  • Since 2011
  • Distribution Slow concept store
  • Instagram 1133 followers
With a unique know-how, KDYAK offers a range of high French costume jewelry in vintage lace.

The mounts

Noémie Cadilhac first creates the drawing and the technical sheet of the frames she has imagined.

They are then cut out of brass by a French company.

She welds and polishes the pieces before having them processed by a Parisian gilder. The entire collection is available in 24-carat fine gold or palladium silver.

Laces and leathers

Laces were manufactured in France in the 60s and 70s (mainly in Calais). Noémie Cadilhac colors them and hardens them with a water-based textile hardener. For this season 10 colors are available (on request).

The leathers are offcuts from major leather goods brands. She buys them from an association that recycles industrial waste.

The making

Noémie Cadilhac set the lace in the frames by gluing each part and then drying them in the press. Two 12 hour collages are required. She finally mounts each piece of jewelry that she finishes with a medallion with my brand name also made by hand.

Member of the 1% for the planet, KDYAK donates 1% of its turnover to an environmental association.
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