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L'Authentique Cosmétiques Naturelles

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Authentic Cold Saponified Soap with REALLY French Olive Oil. Recycled (paper, glass) and recyclable packaging.

At L'Authentique, we take great care of your skin. And we know what we are talking about because the family business is the result of 4 years of product development made only for our children with atopic skin.

We use Organic French Olive Oil (South of France) to make our soaps (from 30 to 100% oils) but also for our '100% French' DIY Laundry (soap shavings, 100% olive oil). 'Organic French Olive). Our products are handcrafted in our workshop located in Auvergne.

Our products are guaranteed without palm oil, dyes and controversial ingredients (parabens, etc.)
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