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Les Huiles Précieuses

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  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Epicerie Idéal (Marseille), Palais Ronsard (Marrakech), Sofitel, Intercontinental (Marseille)
Les Huiles Précieuses, the trendy brand of the precious lifestyle from Marrakech, made its debut in France in 2020 with its exceptional olive oil range "Blue Oil of Marrakech". It was awarded for its packaging at the EVOOLEUM competition in Madrid and for its quality at the competition for the best olive oils in New York, London and Paris.

Precious Oils share the values of healthier consumption for the body, campaign for eco-responsible productions and place honesty at the heart of its raison d'être. Its mission is to make healthy and balanced products accessible to people who want to distance themselves from the industrial world. Precious Oils transmit a lifestyle that highlights what is most precious: earth and life.


Blue Oil was born from the observation that the olive oil industry is at an impasse where producers are no longer encouraged to produce quality. The mission of Blue Oil is to restore olive oil to its precious element by applying excellent production processes to bring all its benefits to the consumer.

Blue Oil from Marrakech, the 100% natural local product

The symbiosis between tradition and modernity leads to the state of perfection of Blue Oil. Rich in wisdom handed down from father to son since 1873, our olive growing travels the slopes of the Moroccan Atlas to find the most beautiful orchards on the plain. In contact with the people, the culture, the land and the Marrackchies values, the fruits are carefully selected and meticulously harvested by hand. Perched between 600 and 1000m in altitude, the olive groves benefit from exceptional environmental conditions where nature reigns without industrial intervention.

Blue Oil of Marrakech, the precious lifestyle

The consumption of Blue Oil provides a wide variety of valuable nutritional elements to the human body. Extremely rich in polyphenols, Blue Oil is a formidable and formidable weapon against pain, cancer, heart attacks, hypertension and aging of the skin. The regular tasting of Blue Oil promotes local producers and encourages longevity.

Blue Oil of Marrakech, distinguished olive oil

Selected for the Olio Nuovo Days 2020 competition in Paris by the Grand Pastry Chef William Lamagnère, finalist for the best pastry chef on M6 and Pastry Chef at Closerie des Lilas

GOLD medal at the national competition of Meknes.

Supported and appreciated by the Grande Chef Bocuse d'OR Meryem Cherkaoui.

Used within the renowned establishment La Ferme de l'Hospital du Grand Chef Jean-Jacques Noguier. (1 Michelin star)

Approved and adopted by the Grand Chef Gilles Goujon (3 Michelin stars).


• An exceptional extra virgin olive oil
• From eco-responsible agriculture
• An olive oil with undeniable health benefits
• Recyclable and trendy packaging
• Respect for tradition and the community of the land of origin
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