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Les Petits Potins

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  • Location Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
  • Since 2014
Approach your ear a little, and listen instead: "Les Petits Potins" is the brand of Amaury Ronceray, Craftsman-creator, passionate about gastronomy, which makes the aperitif "crazy"!

It is after a childhood with his grandparents, lovers of good pulpit, practicing a cuisine between Sologne and Berri, and a career both commercial and hotel, leading him to the four corners of the world, that Amaury sets down his suitcases. in the Var.
This is where the aperitif paradise opens up to him ...

During the many BBQs to which he is invited, Amaury is given the task of preparing the aperitif. Some of the guests are vegetarian, so the usual proposal, tapenade or anchovy, is abandoned. Frustrated at not finding anything really original, he confided in those close to him. So they whispered in his ear "make them yourself ...".

Which he did, and today his recipes are reaching your tables, under the brand "Les Petits Potins", because word of mouth is the best of its prescribers ...

For fifteen years now, Amaury, at the head of "Petits Potins", has been creating an assortment of original, first-rate spreads, with a vegetarian and gluten-free range, so that everyone can find their way.

Now Bourguignon, another region dedicated to excellence in gastronomy, "Les Petits Potins" has been further enriched with new ingredients and new spices, thus broadening, and again, the expectations of the most gourmets among you.

What if your mission was to offer a touch of gluttony and originality that some of your customers lack in the aperitif dinners?

Welcome to the world of "Petits Potins", and above all, BON APERO!
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