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Lucy Ashton Jewellery

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Lucy Ashton Jewellery is a growing British jewellery brand
created by designer Lucy Ashton. Creating beautiful, everyday
jewellery with meaning, Lucy hand makes every piece in her
studio. Jewellery designed for any occasion, from everyday
wear to red carpet events, making jewellery to a very high
standard and creating jewellery that isn't mass produced but
truly loved from start to finish.
Sustainability is very important, all items are delivered in
recyclable materials. All items are handmade in small runs,
therefore minimal waste, each piece is made using recycled
sterling silver, all sterling silver off cuts are reused and recycled.
Moving forward Lucy Ashton promises to continue making sure
the brand maintains sustainability.
Quality is very important therefore every piece is plated with anti
tarnish protection to make sure the piece stays bright and shiny.
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