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Flan Beauvaisien Entier  Surgelé -  8 Personnes
Maison Savary

Flan Beauvaisien Entier Surgelé - 8 Personnes

The Savary flan has become the culinary specialty of Beauvais in a few years. Here it is a real religion! It is a beautiful product, simple and generous, that the Beauvaisiens proudly defend. This simplicity is a reminder of good times with family or parties with friends. Here we try to be simple and there is nothing simpler than a good custard! The custard is prepared by our master pastry chefs in the Beauvais bakery. Its texture is creamy and smooth. With a powerful taste of vanilla and eggs. The dough, fine and firm, is there to highlight the custard of the custard. Requires an oven - The defrosting instructions are in the package.