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  • Location Megève , France
  • Since 2019
Instagram makemymask
MakeMyMask is a dynamic startup of unique and innovative hair care founded in 2019 by Julie Pernet, doctor of pharmacy, 34 years old and passionate about botany. Following her first pregnancy, during which she lost a lot of hair, she found the solution in herbal powder masks. The concept: the brand offers kits to reconstitute hair masks based on only 4 ingredients in less than 30 seconds.
The starter box includes 4 sachets of botanical powders, 1 vegetable oil, 1 essential oil, 1 jar and a ball to mix the treatment. 1 brush to apply the treatment. The refills only contain the ingredients. The reconstitution and application material should be kept. The 4 selected ingredients will act in synergy to restore the balance of the scalp and allow it to make stronger hair. The botanical powder will detoxify the scalp from chemicals and pollutants that accumulate daily, Aloe vera will hydrate and protect, vegetable oil will deeply nourish and essential oil to beautify. Our masks can be reconstituted at home in less than 30 seconds thanks to our playful DIY concept (Do It Yourself). Based on plant powders with powerful botanical active ingredients, our masks will detoxify, beautify and strengthen your hair from the roots to regain their natural beauty. The scalp is the breeding ground for our hair. Everything starts from the roots!
To accompany our masks, we have created a range of high performance natural shampoo and conditioner to maintain and guarantee the effectiveness of the masks. Ethics is our watchword: all our ingredients are organic, 100% natural, made in France and packaged in eco-responsible packaging. # DETOXYOURHAIR !!! The brand was recognized as THE innovative startup in hair care by obtaining the Frenchtech grant from the BPI.
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