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  • Location Toulouse, France
  • Since 2020
  • Distribution BIOCOOP / SO BIO / ...
Instagram manjar_viu
Manjar Viu is a vegetable processing company, by lacto-fermentation, located in the great south-west of Toulouse within the Tiers-lieu Bordanova in Lahage (31). Manjar Viu is committed to handcrafting fermented live foods by sublimating the vegetable and adding nutritional value. We work directly with producers in the region in organic farming. This allows our vegetables to have a short transport route and no intermediate storage. The production of our enzymes is based on the raw materials available throughout the seasons. We do not make differences in sizing and size, we process all types of plants without distinction of size, and of natural imperfections, thus avoiding food loss and transport emissions. Production therefore depends on the seasons and the harvests. Our products are free of artificial preservatives, artificial flavors or vinegar which is antiseptic. Acid is produced naturally by fermentation. We prepare raw vegetables and do not pasteurize our fermented products. Therefore, the fermentation process is not interrupted, the product remains active and continues to bubble peacefully when stored in the refrigerator.
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