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Margote Ceramiste

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  • Since 2018
  • Distribution "Mise en Scène Waterloo Belgique" - "Francaise San Diego USA" - "Missfit" NY - "Des vertes et des pas mûres" Montréal Canada - "Les filles d'ici" Suisse - "Les trésors de Marie" Sion Suisse - "Trentotto" Toulouse France
**The workshop will be closed for the month of August and will reopen with the new collection in September. Thanks!**

Margote ceramiste and l'homme m are two unique brands that create and manufacture quality jewelry, handmade in France. Each piece is made of porcelain made in our workshop, carefully chosen materials and cords made exclusively for the two brands by a trimming workshop in France. Margote ceramiste jewelry and man invite me to an inner journey, they refer to the Earth, origin of the world, for a personal reflection...