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Master Café

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  • Since 2020
  • Distribution DDC Foods, CLF, Tree of Life, XPress Wholesale, Zeyroj Soft Drinks
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Your new favourite Iced Coffee is waiting for you! Thirst quenching, naturally sweetened, with an intense coffee flavour. This is ready to drink Iced Coffee as you've never experienced it before.

Designed to have the perfect balance of creaminess, hydration and natural sweetness, Master Café Iced Coffee has hit upon the winning combination. Our Iced Coffee range contains a high water and low dairy ratio, designed to bring out the intense coffee flavour and be a delightfully refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. Shaking the can activates the flavours and creates a subtle and delicious creaminess.

The Master Café range consists of 3 deliciously different flavours:
For those who like their coffee with a touch of milk and a stronger flavour…enjoy Classico.
For those who like their coffee delightfully creamy and deliciously sweet... enjoy Latte.
For those who like their creamy coffee with a delightful hint of chocolate…enjoy Mocha.
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