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  • Location Paris, France
  • Since 2015
Instagram minimaist
Minimaist believes that color is our soul and shape is our spirit.
Just as flowers have the power to connect fashion, travel, art and trends, we promise that the whole is reflected in your home.
In terms of creation, high standards in craftsmanship are always what we are looking for.
Connecting the beauty of nature and contemporary design is the essence of minimaïst. It is a whole new art of design and decoration.

The artist behind minimaist is Qian Qingtong (QT); she is recognized as one of the best contemporary Chinese artists with a modernist thought, a perfectionist creation and a search for simplicity in sophistication.
She won the Design Shanghai 2017 award selected by Architectural Digest - AD magazine.
Colors and flowers are in the DNA of its modern and aesthetic design.
The creations reflect his Parisian lifestyle and his enthusiastic attitude to fashion.

The Iceland collection marks the beginning of minimaist with a whole new art of porcelain. The design is inspired by the colors and shapes of nature, with the heritage of traditional craftsmanship. It is the ultimate expression of purity and simplicity for contemporary interior design.

"Make the invisible visible". The Icelandic collection vases are all handmade with a distinctive line, color and shape according to the floral design, interior space and your unique lifestyle.
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