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Naali, the best saffron in the world for your skin, mind and body.

🏆 An exceptional 100% red, natural and earth-friendly saffron. Red Gold has been used for centuries to soothe ailments of body and mind. Used by Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, the Romans… This plant has gone through history.

🇬🇧 Naali is the bet to bring saffron into the French health routine. Known for sublimating dishes, the therapeutic virtues of saffron are not at all so in France.

🌱 The founders are convinced that this powerful ancestral plant, combined with scientific innovation, helps promote physical and mental well-being.

‍🔬 For this, they surrounded themselves with pharmacists, naturopaths, phytotherapists and doctors. They have developed their own plant extraction technology to offer a range of innovative, effective and natural wellness products based on the best saffron in the world.

⚠️ The little extra: The saffron used by Naali (100% red, category 1) is the same saffron that they supply to starred chefs (ex: Institut Paul Bocuse). This saffron which will therefore be used in delicious dishes. Important to know when you know that the industry uses saffron waste to reduce costs.

These girls (and women) deserve a voice. They deserve to have the right to learn. That's why we're proud to partner with CODE TO INSPIRE. Code to Inspire (CTI) is the first coding academy for girls in Herat, Afghanistan. Founded by Fereshteh Forough in 2015, CTI has given over 100 female students the skills and confidence to code, build apps, and generate work opportunities for themselves. CTI believes in giving these young tech entrepreneurs the latest skills, including courses in web development, game development, mobile app development, and graphic design.

Each order placed on the site will allow us to finance half a day of school for a young girl.

Together, we want to provide girls (and boys) with the education they need to be able to dream and above all achieve their dreams. We also try to mobilize families and communities to participate in a fundamental change of attitude towards the harmful consequences of the lack of education for children and especially girls.
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