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  • Since 2013
Naturcup is the premium brand of menstrual cups.
At Naturcup we offer a sustainable and healthy experience of experiencing menstruation and we do it through training, the quality of our service and our high-end menstrual cups Naturcup Classic and Naturcup Advance, made with the best medical grade silicone and technology more toe.
Our glasses are certified as a vegan product, as well as ISO 13485 / ISO 10993 / ISO 9001 / USP Class VI / FDA21 CFR §177.2600 certificates.

Not only are we pioneers in offering a proactive and personalized support service for the end user and a 6-month adaptation guarantee, but we also have training and advisory sessions for our B2B clients so that they have all the necessary information at any time. to know how to offer the best product.

We provide a brand kit in which you will find photos, a specific logo, style recommendations, corporate colors and advice, with which you can be recognized as official distributors of the brand, so that our clients can identify you and enjoy your total confidence.
We facilitate the management of end-customer service from our website, with our experts and with the accompanying application, freeing establishments and stores from this task.

We work backed by our 20 years of experience in the sector, from firm values that defend responsible waste management, CSR actions, a 0 plastic proposal, rejection of animal abuse, abolition of menstrual poverty and prioritizing local management. and the close and direct treatment with our clients.
We create community and enjoy it.
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