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Smoked -  Escargots / Snails
Nordic Snails

Smoked - Escargots / Snails

In this Smoked version, the snails are salted and then smoked at the best smokehouse in Denmark. Due to the smoking, the texture is more firm in the meat and the taste is delicate. We love eating them with pickled red onions. Tapas snails in a brand-new way! You can enjoy these Tapas snails straight from the can, heated in a microwave or used in a warm dish with pasta, topping a salad and more. The box-design signals elegance, dynamism and empathy. We want the consumer to achieve a gourmet experience when buying this product, whether it is for their own consumption or for a gift. The snails are growing up in the open air during the summer, where they eat special snail food and green plants. They are harvested in the autumn and during processing they are quickly cooked while in deep hibernation. They are manually shelled and cleaned and are gently treated for the best taste and texture during the further processing. Snails contain a high level of protein (16%), a low level of fat and contain various antioxidants. To be enjoyed directly from the can. Art/species: Helix Aspersa Maxima.