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After years of experience in the fashion industry I realize more and more that quality does not always take precedence over quantity. Worse, much more often it is the other way around. Still too easy, cheap takes precedence over sustainable, with all the associated consequences.

Therefore, it is time to focus more and more on the real process of fashion.
With the foundation of NUQI I rewind to the basic elements of textile production and translate this into a contemporary designed socially engaged brand.

Sustainable fashionable clothing that is made with conservation and attention for the planet, people and animals. Fair human rights, good working conditions, animal friendliness and less impact on the planet.

For the basic elements I went back to artisan workshops worldwide where products are often still made by hand. In these studios work, for the most part, women who all have their specific life story and who have been able to build up their own financial independence through their work in the studio. These indispensable workers all have artisan craft skills. Due to the diversity of nationalities I work with, I can, in addition to the 100% natural use of materials, also show that diversity of skills in the design in the NUQI products.

With a slow fashion mentality I produce NUQI's sustainable orders in small numbers. In this way I offer the studios the opportunity to fill in their quiet periods with making my products and I avoid overproduction and material waste.
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