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Operators Skincare

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  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Abena Aps, MED24, Mogens Daarbak, Made4Men, ManlyMan, ProShave
The great adventures of Operators often take them to remote areas of the world - thereby exposing them to extreme weather conditions.
To protect you and your team from the elements we have designed and developed our series of Operators Skincare products that will take good care of you and allow you to "Extend your adventures"! Getting outdoors means freedom and can be fantastic in any weather providing the right precautions are taken. The same applies when the sun is shining. Always ensure that you and your team are sufficiently protected against harmful solar radiation.

When you are planning your adventures, you must take protective measures to counter whatever you can expect nature will throw at you. Sometimes it’s high wind, heavy rain, slush snow, very low or very high temperatures, or massive amounts of bright sunlight. Great gear and clothing will take care of most issues, but you also need to take sunscreen into your considerations.
Operators Skincare focuses on providing products that are rapidly absorbed and leaves no greasy or sticky coating on your skin. You will gain maximum effect and can perform in total confidence. Our products are specially developed to be used under conditions far more demanding than sunbathing at the pool or swimming in the ocean.
Operators Skincare Sun Lotion with SPF 30/50 will let you perform at your best for hours in the sun by effectively protecting you against the harmful UVA and UVB rays, that otherwise would turn your skin red as a steamed lobster. Apply a handful of this highly waterproof sunscreen generously to all exposed areas of your body including your entire face. When applied it absorbs quickly and leaves a non-greasy feeling. Reapply sunscreen after hard work, outdoor workout, and swimming. No sunscreen provides 100% protection so make sure to cover all skin with clothing and seek into the shadow when possible. Operators Skincare Viper Queen “Healing Betty”® is the symbol of exceptional skincare that will protect you and your family with a power as potent as a Viper Queen’s maternal instinct. By wearing the Operators Skincare products, you can be certain that your team and your family are well protected from outside elements, enabling them to extend and enjoy their outdoor adventures. The Operators Skincare Viper Queen “Healing Betty” derives its’ name from the product’s protective and curing qualities and is our modern interpretation of the ancient Greek symbol of healing and medicine, “Rod of Asclepius”.
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