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  • Since 2023
In 2021 in Japan, the story started because I am very passionate about Japanese culture and cuisine. I was in Japan for my summer holiday to see the country and discover the culture which was like a dream I started cooking myself straight away so I had to buy a Japanese knife I saved up and bought it and was very pleased.
The problem I encountered was that maintaining my expensively bought knife was more complicated than I expected. I had to learn to maintain it properly to avoid rust, chipping and breaking, but this was time consuming and I ended up damaging the knife.
I looked for a better alternative and sought the advice of knife experts to help me. I realized that traditional Japanese knives, while sharp, precise and beautiful, are fragile and prone to chipping and oxidation without very specialized care. Western knives, on the other hand, are sturdy, durable and rust-resistant, but lack the precision and agility of Asian knives.

So I started talking to many professionals like knifemakers, chefs and hobby chefs, designers to find a solution to my dilemma. Some of them shared my frustration and therefore joined the project.

After two years of hard work, Otakimi was born. This manifesto knife combines the advantages of traditional Japanese and Western knives: it is light, precise and ultra-sharp like a Japanese knife, while at the same time it is stainless, robust and very durable like a German knife.
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