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Rupe Mutevole

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  • Since 2004
Founded in 2004, RUPE MUTEVOLE Edizioni chose a village in the Ligurian-Emilian Apennine mountains as its headquarters and place for its publishing activity. It was a counter-current and innovative choice, characterized by the need to get rid of the abused cliché that imposes the city as the only productive center of a publishing house. It was a question of looking for new rhythms, new propulsions, new enthusiasms and Rupe Mutevole found them among the open spaces, among the chestnut woods, on the cliffs and mountains that surrounded the village.
Now it was important to publish books that would leave a new and lasting imprint, that would vibrate the spirit of readers and lead them 'over the border' of a washed-out and contradictory reality.
Thus came HARIA, a 'woman of knowledge' and extraordinary writer, and brought manuscripts of unique intensity. They were literary works that revealed an unsuspected world, beauty. In beauty, the supersensitive, the magical side of nature, Haria lived and drew meanings to achieve 'total awareness'.

One after the other, twelve other series were added to the 'border literature' series that hosted Haria's first books, on history, contemporary Italian and foreign fiction, poetry, non-fiction and children's literature.

For two years the new DESIGN MAGIQUE project by Rupe Mutevole has been gaining a lot of attention from the public and the stationery and gift items have encouraged us to extend our graphic research also in the production of literary furnishing accessories that include fairy tale panels, fabrics that take up excerpts from stories and poems, decorative papers that can be hung framed or used for découpage. In addition to this, Bags, Notebooks, Agendas and other gift items are made.

Our editorial catalog also has two novelties, musical and artistic editions that you can browse in the SOVRASENSITIVE HARMONY section.
Rupe Mutevole continues its adventure aware of its role, proud of its choices and proud of its dream.
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