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  • Location West Lothian, United Kingdom
  • Since 2021
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Rustic is your one-stop-shop for all things olive wood! We offer a range of handcrafted eco-friendly olive wood products for the home, all sustainably sourced from Olive trees across Europe.

At Rustic we want to live in a kinder, more sustainable way and we want to promote products that do the same. We're committed to seeking out quality handmade products from around the globe, made with care by people who share this ethos. All of our olive wood products are created with wood harvested from trees that have been pruned to increase the olive yield or from older trees that are no longer fruiting. Any trees that are removed are also replaced, ensuring a completely eco-friendly process.

The beauty of olive wood has to be seen to be appreciated. Full of visual appeal with its rich, vibrant colours and exquisite grain, it’s a truly stunning wood that is prized by artisans across the world and used in the creation of everything from fine furniture to olive wood bowls, luxury kitchen utensils and decorative home accessories. Not only is olive wood incredibly beautiful; it’s also immensely practical. The natural density of the wood makes it extremely durable and long-lasting and its close grain and natural oils mean it's stain and odour repellant and even boasts anti-bacterial properties! That’s why it’s the perfect wood for all things food and kitchen-related, from olive wood chopping boards to serving utensils and more.
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