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  • Since 2021
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Senlima is a streetwear style brand with a great social impact as we focus on creating unique and innovative products thanks to the talent of people with intellectual functional diversity or other risks of social exclusion.

We define ourselves based on our 3 main values: inclusion, innovation and style. Inclusion since we work with people at risk of social exclusion or disabilities, mainly intellectual, in all our production chains. Innovation due to the fact that we use patented materials of high performance and quality, preserving the sustainability of our processes. And style since we look for unique and original designs that make visible realities of our environment or tell stories.

In addition, as our name indicates (Senlima=without limits in Esperanto), our philosophy is based on the fact that for us there are no limits, both for the fact that we manufacture products of excellent quality thanks to the talent of our workers, and because we are to people who can see beyond the ordinary.

Our main product is technical sandals, 100% handmade in Barcelona by people with intellectual disabilities, and the design of which is inspired by Down syndrome. However, we have other textile products and accessories that follow the brand's values of inclusion, innovation and style.
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