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  • Since 2018
  • Distribution WANNA SNEAKERS
Summer, costa brava, party, a few more drinks ... "Nothing good can come from here," our people said after two hungover twenty guys explained the idea they had had the night before.

Both from Barcelona, fashion lovers and tired of seeing the same monotonous panorama of this and the excessive prices in "different" garments, we decided to put an end to our problem and start designing and making what we would like to wear. ("different" garments at a fair price)

That same summer we made the idea come true and created our first designs, just for us. To this day, our mentality has not changed. We do not follow any fashion, movement, trend ... We continue creating pieces based on our style, as we cannot find in any other store and we would like to wear, but now we not only do it for ourselves, but also for more than 5,000 homies who identify with our vibe.
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