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Snoap was created in February 2018 and was refined for two years before launching happily in January 2020. The solid soaps offered are plant-based (except Honey soap), and the majority of raw materials come from agriculture biological. Each composition is different and are all made by the cold saponification method. Shampoos, on the other hand, have a base of mild vegetable surfactant, not tested on animals, and are composed of vegetable oils and butters, clays and hydrosols.
The soaps do not contain essential oils, are scented with soft fragrances made by a perfumer, most do not contain allergens, and are dosed at less than 1% per soap. Tounu and Boentje are 100% natural, containing no fragrance.
I favor direct collaborations with producers as much as possible.
The products foam beautifully, are nutritious, and come in round or bubbled shapes, with the option of choosing craft or bulk packaging.
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