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  • Location Compiègne
  • Since 2018
  • Distribution • Les Domaines Qui Montent • cavistes, épiceries fines, tables • Boutiques SO France 🇫🇷
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SO CHiPS is a French family house with the Quality Artisan label, created by the “co-alls” Julie and Stéphane for a long time.
We produce, from an exclusively local supply and carefully selected from our producers, artisanal potato chips, with an authentic taste, and 100% natural flavors, without additives or artificial colors, without gluten.

The portraits in this range were drawn by Peggy Moquay, French artist. SO CHiPS is a way of seeing life in style, a touch of elegance to transform every moment into a "SO CHiC" moment, even if it means having fun, you might as well do it with class, right?

Sincerity, transparency & ethics are at the heart of our project, SO MiAM!
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